Who Are We

Born and raised in Estremoz, at the very heart of the Alentejo wine region, Tiago Cabaço started taking part in and working his parents’ vineyards and cellar from a very young age. Starting as a child, he grew up learning the secrets of the vineyard, the soil, the grape varieties, and the whole universe surrounding wine-growing, knowledge which he still uses daily.

Naming the project after himself, he created Tiago Cabaço Wines in 2004. Since then, he has been marketing his own wines, through which he has been asserting his personality and vision concerning wines and the Alentejo.

Tiago Cabaço has earned the respect and attention of the wine industry, having garnered several national and international awards and distinctions. Seductive and serious, the wine range is modern in style and form, yet profoundly influenced by the Alentejo in character. It is divided between the young and energetic “.com”, the powerful and austere single grape varieties, the “Vinhas Velhas” – old vines – which combines the excellence of the terroir and vines with more than 30 years of existence, the sparkling wine, developed for special moments, and the simultaneously vigorous, subtle and fresh “blog” considered by Tiago Cabaço to be the top-end wines.

With access to some of the oldest and finest vines in the Alentejo, all available in the vicinity of Estremoz, with oenology at the hands of Susana Esteban, one of Portugal’s best oenologists, and having conquered foreign markets, Tiago Cabaço is definitely a star from the new Alentejo.

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